About BootBacon

My daughter and I were shopping for boots, and she went for the popular ugg-style. She asked what I thought (she really did, I swear) and I told her they were cute, but a little plain and maybe we could dress them up. We experimented with different accessories, and with her sisters help, we came up with a this collection. We would love to hear what you think.

Why Bacon?

We love bacon, it makes everything better and we think Bootbacon makes plain boots better… and you have to agree, it’s not a name you will forget.

How Do I Order?

First pick out your stretchy bands, then add an accessory or two. All items are sold separately so you can order just what you want, order two if you want a matching pair or mix and match, go crazy!

How are the embellishments attached? Will it wreck my boots?

Bands are easily attached, simply stretch over the top of your boot and position where you like. They are tight enough to stay put. Use the loop on the band to attach the accessory.

Will you have new colors/embellishments?

We are constantly updating our inventory with new and exciting items, check back or join us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates and promotions.